About Me

My ‘about me’ schpeel has changed quite  a lot this month – and I have yet to rehearse my new one since leaving Students Offering Support. So, here’s a temp.

After a few years working in the non-profit industry, I’m taking a pause to travel, explore and look for new challenges.  I’ve left an (incredible) job at Students Offering Support where I worked as the Director of International Outreach. This meant that I invested the proceeds of the tutoring sessions run by 1000+ volunteers across the Americas into educational development projects in Central and South America, while coordinating volunteer trips. After 2.5 years, I’ve learned from people world-wide, have learned skills I never thought I would, and have been challenged through language, finance and emergency contacts. Leaving has been one of my hardest decisions to date, but the hope is that it will yield new adventures.

For the coming weeks, this means:

  1. New York City: For Chloe.
  2. Ethiopia: For food, hiking, monkeys, a wild dog (if lucky) and a bit more food.
  3. India: For food, some yoga, a lot of beaches with the odd mountain, and more food.
  4. Mozambique: For learning Portuguese, perhaps learning how to dive, exploring the on-the-ground non-profit scene alongside the tourism industry.
  5. Who knows… we’ll see where Mozambique takes me!

2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Looking forward to hearing all about this next adventure. Just remember that “when God closes a door, he opens a window” or so says Maria Von Trapp, another famous traveller. Her words will serve you well from time to time. Xoxo Nancy

  2. Hey Linds!
    I mentioned your African tourism interest to the manager of Kitchener’s Economic Development division who had great interest in your plans and the challenges you’ve been facing. The division plans to make their way back to Tanzania in a couple of months to promote the growth of their tourism industry and general economic development practices. Can I get your email/however you can be contacted? I’d also just love to hear how you’re doing! mistie.brown@kitchener.ca

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